Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake

Hi everyone!
So, I saw so many photos of Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake and I always wanted to make one and see if it is really worth the hype! 😎 Last Monday I've decided to try it out and I was not disappointed! The cheesecake tasted absolutely amazing and even my boyfriend, who isn't vegan, enjoyed it! I combined lots of different recipes and techniques I found online, so if you want to make this amazing cake, click on read more 🍰👩🏻‍🍳💌

The recipe for this cake is pretty simple and you don't need that many ingredients either! The full list of ingredients is as follow:
For the base:

  • 160g Lotus Biscoff Biscuits and extra for decoration (£1 in ASDA)
  •  60g dairy free butter  (£1.40 in ASDA)
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil (£1.85 in ASDA)
For the filling:
  • 170g vegan soft cream cheese (£1.80 in Sainsbury's)
  • 250ml or 500ml coconut cream (depends on how thick you want the cheesecake to be - £1.20 for one in Sainsbury's )
  • 1tsp of sweetener you prefer (I used date syrup)
The method 
  • Crush Biscoff biscuits and melt your butter and coconut oil in a microwave
  • Mix everything together until everything is covered thoroughly 
  • Place into the base of your tin, and press it flat
  • Put in a freezer for 10 minutes
  • Meanwhile, whisk all your filling ingredients together
  • Once it's all mixed up, pour on top of your base and put in the freezer for 1 hour to set 
  • After 1 hour you can decorate your cheesecake and serve!

It doesn't sound that hard, does it?! Make sure to tag me in your posts if you try to make this or leave a comment down below to let me know if you enjoyed it!

Enjoy rest of your evening,
Kat xo

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