Vegan friendly food businesses in Edinburgh pt.1

Hi guys,
As you can tell by the title - today I want to share with you all the food places in Edinburgh which offer vegan food! I've been missing going out for food so much hence I decided to write this article so I can reminisce about all the delicious food I ate in the last year ๐Ÿ˜‚ I will split this post into two parts. Part number one (today's one) which only includes vegan & vegetarian places and the second part will consist of places which do offer vegan food, but they also cater to non-vegans and non-vegetarians in case you need to go out with your non-vegan friends! ๐ŸŒฟ I hope you will enjoy this article and if you do, let me know which place you would like to visit if you had the chance!

1. Harmonium
I've been to Harmonium countless time, and I can't wait, once they reopen their door. Harmonium is a fully vegan restaurant situated in Leith which is very close to where I live which, is perfect. If you want to go for brunch I would highly recommend their chicken waffles or their cheese and bacon toastie - I also tried all the milkshake apart from the Irish coffee one I believe and they all amazing too. If you go for dinner, you must get their chicken burger with a side of mac and cheese. I get this every single time, and it never let, me down. Although I think I should give something else a chance too (I actually just remembered that I had their no-fish and chips and it was delicious too).

Another fully vegan restaurant but this time situated in Morningside. I wish I could go there more often because their Beyond Cheeseburger and cakes are to die for. Sadly I live on the other side of the city, but I do try to visit this wee cosy place as often as I can!

Vegetarian and vegan restaurant/bar situated in the heart of Edinburgh. I've been here only once, but I am so looking forward to going back. Their Southern Fried Seitan is incredible, and so are their fried pickles and buffalo cauliflower. 

4. Henderson of Edinburgh - unfortunately, Henderson closed down 
Henderson is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant situated again in the heart of Edinburgh. They are the longest-running vegetarian restaurant in the UK! Their vegetarian restaurant is located below their Deli and Shop, and it is also right next to their Vegan restaurant too!

Apart from fantastic vegan & free from cakes, cupcakes and doughnuts, Naked bakery also has incredible chai latte and mac and cheese toastie! The whole cafe is entirely vegan, and the entire atmosphere is so lovely. They have this big purple flower wall which makes it the perfect spot for pics!

Pumpkin Brown is a wee healthy cafe situated in Old Town. They have vegetarian as well as vegan and gluten-free options. If you are in a rush and want to grab something quick but healthy. This is your place to go. Apart from food, they also have a zero-waste eco-friendly product which you can buy from their website!

Bowls Edi is a cute deli which offers nutritious fresh plant-based food in the heart of Edinburgh! You can create your own bowl, or you can choose from the options on the board. Again, perfect if you are on the go.

If I say these are the best vegan doughnuts, you will ever eat I am not exaggerating. Considerit Chocolate is situated near The Meadows, and they also sell vegan ice cream, hot chocolate and indulgent product. So, if you are ever in Edinburgh you definitely need to stop here! 
Vegan egg? Look no further! Beetroot Sauvage has it all. Lovely cafe in Newington with lots of outside seatings and inside too of course. If you ever go there don't forget to try some of their homemade vegan cheeses too! They are incredible and most of them are organic too. My favourite is probably the cashew bleu one.

The best place for vegan Italian is definitely Sora Lella! Small cosy restaurant near The Meadows with THE BEST vegan tiramisu! I've been twice already and I enjoyed both my visit. 

The Herbivore Kitchen does the best brownie in the whole of Scotland! The brownies are so gooey and full of flavours. The best thing is that if you aren't in Scotland you can still order the brownies too! the Herbivore Kitchen also sells baking kits which I had the chance to try our lockdown period and again I would highly recommend them. 

These are all the places which are either fully vegan or vegetarian and vegan, and I've visited them! However, there are also other places which I haven't been to yet, but I don't want to exclude them because I heard many good things about them and as soon as this lockdown is over I will go and try them out! The cool places are Chapter One Coffee ShopHoly Cow, Black Rabbit, BrochanThe Forest Cafe and Nova Pizza! If you know any other definitely let me know and I will include them ๐ŸŒŸ

I hope you enjoyed this article and I will start writing the second part ASAP. I will mainly include local restaurants or restaurants which are available in fewer locations - I am pretty you don't need to hear about Wagamama or YO! Sushi vegan offerings even though they are class ๐Ÿคช๐Ÿ˜‚

Lots of love,
Kat xo

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