Why you shouldn't stay silent

Hi guys,
Instead of expressing my feelings and thoughts on my story, I decided to summarise everything in one blog post. So, let's get straight to my point why you shouldn't stay silent during this time.

"If you are neutral in situations of injustice you have chosen the side of the oppressor" 
- Desmond Tutu. 

First of all, I understand that some people aren't comfortable with expressing their own thoughts and feelings online. Trust me, been there & done that. I expressed and shared wrong thoughts and feelings a few times on my Instagram already which lead to arguments, hurt feelings and stress. However, it was these times and moments, which taught me how important it is not to stay silent even if I get it wrong. It was those times that made me reflect on my feelings, thoughts and opinions and motivated me to learn more and educate myself more so next time I can express my feelings, opinions and thoughts better or even completely change my opinion. Yes, you are allowed to change your opinion and just because you said something wrong in the past does not mean you didn't learn from it and you didn't grow as a person. 

I also get that sometimes people choose to stay silent because they don't have the energy to argue with others BUT I believe that during a time like this when people's lives are at stake and we are witnessing constant abuse of power, silent is as damaging as the side of the oppressor. Silent in a situation like this is like passing by a big house which is on fire with people burning inside and instead of calling the emergency service you chose to ignore the house and keep walking hoping no one would notice you. It is like passing by a car crash in which several people were injured and they are waiting for help but instead of stopping and helping them, you choose to ignore them and hope someone else stops there and helps them.

No one is asking you to write a long post about racism. No one is asking you to write down your own personal feelings and thoughts. No one is asking you to support the ongoing riots or go out into the streets and protest. All we want is you to acknowledge the problem and show some support. You can do this by sharing other people's posts or stories. This costs nothing and takes only 5 seconds of your life. Is 5 second of your white privileged live worth more than a whole life of one black person?  Is your follower count really more important to you than the lives of many black people? 

Also, calling people out is not a form of bullying. It is to held people accountable for staying silent and ignoring the issue. If I can lose over 200 followers just by standing up for it is right and choosing life over death. People who choose to stay silent and don't show ANY SIGN OF SUPPORT should not get away with it. At least not in this situation.

We won't change the system if we choose to stay silent. 

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