Vegan friendly restaurants & cafes in Edinburgh for every occasion pt. 2

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So today I would like to continue with my article called Vegan-Friendly Food Businesses in Edinburgh. However, today I would like to focus on businesses which are not strictly vegan or vegetarian,, but they do have good vegan options. These vegan-friendly food businesses can be your go-to if you are going out with your friends or family who are not vegans! 😊 I would like to also mention that these are definitely not all of the vegan-friendly food businesses in Edinburgh, but they are the ones I've visited, and I enjoyed the food there! 
Layout with 3 photos. In the top left there is a brownie with chai latte on a wooden table. The bottom left is myself in a red skirt pouring a custard over apple crumble. The main right photo is me smiling with two big slices of pizza

List of 9 Vegan-friendly Food Businesses in Edinburgh

Kcal Kitchen is situated in Leith, and they make vegan, vegetarian and non-vegan food too! They have amazing Bottomless Brunch where you can eat anything you want and have 4 drinks for £24.99. I've been to Kcal Kitchen a few times already, and I enjoyed every single meal. It is also quite cheap, and if you are a member of any of the local gyms you get 10% off I believe! My favourite meal is probably their pancakes and don't forget to try one of their milkshakes too!

Layout of 3 photos. The top left is myself drinking a milkshake., The bottom left is vegan full English breakfast (toast, beans, sausages, avocado and tomato). The main photo is stack of pancakes topped with granola, syrup, banana and blueberries

Cosy restaurant in the heart of Edinburgh inspired by cuisines from all over the world! Again, all the food is reasonably affordable and delicious! What I like about Ransacked Black Oven is that they don't serve ordinary food like pasta or burger, and they serve globally inspired food as promised! If you are vegan, I would highly recommend the Lebanese style pizza which was amazing. I am not sure if they still do the Korean Sweet Chilli Jackfruit wings but if they do - get them too! 
Vegan chocolate brownie in the top left corner with chai latte, the bottom left is Korean Sweet Chilli Jackfruit wings with slaw, the main photo on the right is myself smiling with Lebanese style pizza

Civerinos is an Italian Street Food Slice bar in Edinburgh near the National Scottish Museum. When I went there with my boyfriend, we were so confident that we can eat 3 slices of the pizza, but we were so wrong! The pizza slices are H U G E. So, I 1-2 slices is more than enough! I had the PlantBased Pizza and then Careless Whisperer without the cheese. The staff at Civerinos is super lovely, and during COVID19, they also offered free slices of pizza to kids instead of their school lunches. So, if you want some good pizza, I would definitely recommend them!
Layout of 3 photos. The top left is a Civerinos menu. The bottom left is 3 slices of pizza topped with greens and a basket of fries. The main photo on the right is myself smiling and holding two big slices of pizza.
Another vegan-friendly food businesses situated in Leith right across from Kcal Kitchen. I've been only once, but I really enjoyed it! I had a vegan fry up, and It had everything I could wish, and it was delicious too. Again, affordable and they also make amazing cakes although I am not sure if they have vegan ones too!
A full English breakfast contains avocado, toast, haggis, scone, tomatoes, beans, sausages
I wasn't sure if I should include this one because I didn't have a great experience there, but I think it is important, to be honest with you guys. I went to The Refinery for dinner with my boyfriend, and we were sadly very disappointed. They had two main vegan options - salad and burger, but they didn't have the burger on the night we were there, so I had to go for the salad bowl. The food was below average, and the service was super slow! The salad was just random vegetables put together with no proper taste or flavour.  I believe The Refinery is meant to be quite a fancy restaurant, but it definitely is not. We were in the restaurant for almost 2 and a half hours because it took at least 45 minutes for the waitress to get us our bill. We also got charged twice for one of our starters, but we didn't notice until we got home. Overall, I would not recommend this place at all. 
Top photo is a brownie topped with ice cream. The bottom left is a flat bread with vegetable. The main photo is a bowl of salad with avocado, cauliflower, radishes, quinoa, tomatoes.
A restaurant right next to the Usher Hall which has loads of vegan options! They also have their drinks labelled as vegan friendly. You can't book a table here so you might need to wait for a bit, but it is so worth it! The chips portion are huge, and you could probably just share it with your friend. They also have a selection of vegan milkshakes which are super yummy too.
Top left photo is a bowl of chips topped with ketchup, bottom left is a burger. Main photo is a glass with milkshake

The Salisbury Arms is located on Dalkeith Road, so it is a bit further away from the city centre. They do have a dedicated vegan menu, and you can tell they really tried to put some effort into it because everything was really lovely. I love the Oyster mushroom started! I never had anything like that, and I hope I will be able to eat it soon again. The Salisbury Arms is a perfect venue for a birthday or anniversary celebration. The whole restaurant is cosy and ambient. 
The top photo is coconut curry, the bottom left is oyster mushrooms the main is myself in a red shirt pouring a custard over apple crumble

I know Dishoom is in different cities too, but it is so good that it deserves a place in my guide! Dishoom offers the food of Bombay. It is more pricey, and you also can't reserve a table there for dinner so you might need to wait outside for a bit, but it is worth every penny and minute of your life. Dishoom has a dedicated vegan menu, and they also have one of the best oat chai lattes I've had. One thing I would say tho, don't get the Kala Khatta Gola Ice 😂 It is the strangest dessert I ever had, and it tastes so bizarre. For Dishoom defence, the waiter warned me that I won't like it and he was right. However, I am happy to try different cuisines, so it was an exciting experience for me. So, it does not change the perception of Dishoom for me!
Dishoom curry, chippy button and gunpowder potatoes

Last but not least is Bross Bagels! If you live in Edinburgh and you haven't had a bagel from Bross Bagel that you are doing something wrong. Bross Bagels have several different branches across Edinburgh, and they offer vegan, vegetarian and non-vegan bagels too. The bagels are around £5, and you can also get vegan sides such as potato salad and vegan brownie. Bross Bagels is ideal if you are on the go or you want to catch up with your friends! They currently offer collection too during COVID19, so my boyfriend and I go and get one almost every single week. 
Two Bross Bagels there is also a wooden bowl with potato salad in the left photo

This is all I have for you today! We, of course, have all the fantastic chains such as Yo! Sushi or Wagamama in Edinburgh but I wanted to focus on smaller businesses or the businesses which are not so famous. I can't wait for restaurants to reopen again, so I can go and try out more places and add them to this list or create part 3 of vegan restaurants in Edinburgh! Do you have any favourite vegan-friendly food places in Edinburgh which should be on the list? 

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